How we do it?

Leather is an art form based on the old age as human history. Since the earliest times in history, people have been engaged in leather, stood on top of things like shoes, bags, clothes, sails, and so on.

In the past, skin, one of the indispensable elements of human life, Preserving its place in our everyday life and in the world of fashion, not losing anything of importance and value today.

In the oldest method of tanning, the skin was stretched all over and dried in the shade and cleaned. Then the methods of tanning with clayey soil and various natural materials were developed. In recent history, softening systems with chemical tanning and various oils have been developed and deep flexibility has been increased.
Today, deep tanning is done with technological machines thanks to hundreds of methods and it is now a product that gives direction to the fashion.

Ideal for those who love the combination of naturalness and comfort as well as leather. The products that RARA use are also supplied by ALBES, who takes quality and fashion as its principle in its production and takes place among the esteemed companies in leather sector.